1. Aeon Zen
  2. Apeiron Bound
    Tampa, Florida
  3. Avandra
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
  4. Bioplan
    Stockholm, Sweden
  5. Dreamwalkers Inc
    Amersfoort, Netherlands
  6. Earupt
  7. IDEK.
  8. Iris Divine
    Centreville, Virginia
  9. Soul Secret
  10. TDW
    Amersfoort, Netherlands
  11. Threads Of Fate
  12. Unforeseen Motion
    Haarlem, Netherlands
  13. White Stag
    Knoxville, Tennessee


Layered Reality Productions Utrecht, Netherlands

Layered Reality Productions is a non-profit music label that focuses on Progressive, Symphonic and Avant-Garde Metal. The main goal for LRP is to provide artists and bands with services which enable them to fully unleash their musical potential without any limitations or creative obstructions. ... more

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